Scores of suspected political hoodlums were sighted at the main gate of  Ondo State Assembly Complex as early as 9am with their vehicles parked along the road leading to the complex thereby causing panic around the area. Their surprised presence was to prevent the nine lawmakers which were suspended by the assembly for refusing to sign the impeachment notice servers on the deputy governor Hon. Agboola Ajayi, which were later pardoned/quashed of their suspension last week from resuming.

Sources within the assembly said that the nine pro-Ajayi lawmakers had since been refuse access to the assembly and also denied the official cars given to the other 17 colleagues on Friday. The timely intervention of police detectives, however, prevented the hoodlums from entering into the complex as they mounted barricades at the entrance of the complex. The crisis in the assembly started months back following the resignation of the deputy governor and the subsequent plan to impeach but its failure.

In its reaction, the suspended deputy speaker Iroju Ogundeji alleged that the suspected hoodlums had the intention to cause harm based on the directives from the governor and the speaker. we were unable to gain access to the house to perform our constitutional legislative duties. Right now, we are helpless they are using government power against us. we are only relying on god to come to our aide.

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